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Harvest - Gratitude Day 11

From combines and tractors harvesting fields of gold in the midwestern plains to hunters and gatherers harvesting animals and herbs from mountainous wildland, the harvest has been plentiful from generation to generation.

I considered just how much this means to me as I harvested my own elk last evening. How the Lord said that the harvest is ready, but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37-38). At this point in Jesus' ministry, folks in need of physical and spiritual healing were seeking out Jesus everywhere He went. What they were really hungry for was the good news...Two thousand years later and there is still no shortage of people who need the gospel of the kingdom proclaimed to them. People are the harvest—lost souls waiting to be saved and brought into God’s kingdom.

Today I am thankful for the harvest. I am thankful for brothers and sisters who join the Kingdom family each day. But I am also thankful for the harvesters. The brothers and sisters that spread the good news to those that are hungry and thirsty for what the Lord has to offer.

How have you been a part of the harvest? Consider the harvesters in your life and thank the Lord for them! Continue to pray for laborers to bring in the harvest and ask the Lord how you can use your gifts and talents to help bring in the harvest.

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