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Wise Council - Gratitude Day 18

I was out walking with a friend the other day, enjoying the sunshine and company. As we walked it was so helpful to know that I could get some good advice regarding a complex situation. Wise council is so helpful to navigate hard situations and circumstances.

The Lord encourages us to seek wise council in order to thrive. In Proverbs 1:5, the bible states “A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels." God intends for us to talk to and learn from others that have wisdom. In that we increase learning and attain understanding. From that, we can change the way we respond to situations or even make us think differently about something that challenges us. Our God is good to give us wisdom in the Word, but also to put people in our lives that can speak truth into a situation.

Today I am grateful for wise council. I am grateful for those who have pressed into the Word, have more experience in certain situations; those who have lived long and have much to share to the young.

Who gives you wise council? Or have you been in a situation where you needed wise council and either did or did not have anyone to turn to for that? Thank God that He gives us the Word to counsel us when there isn't a person around and praise Him for those wise ones that have crossed your path in the past.

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