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Events & Activities

Bondurant Fellowship encourages fellowship of all shapes and sizes!  We love to get together, with our brothers and sisters within our own community, but also in fellowship with believers from surrounding areas.  Below are current events and activities scheduled! 

Hootenanny Fundraiser (1).png

Local Outreach

If you would like to donate to the Boylan Family, follow the link below to contribute via Bondurant Fellowship.

regional Outreach

Contributions sent to TRIBE JH on the behalf of Foundations for Nations will be specifically given to support the food bank in Riverton, WY, feeding the impoverished of Fremont County.

global outreach

Want to support the mission of Rescue One More to provide Ugandan children experiencing sexual violence with a pathway to safety, justice, and healing?  Do you have a vision to help bring end to sexual violence against children in Africa?  Consider a donation to Rescue One More and make that impact.

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