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Be the Hands & Feet

It is our desire to not only speak the Good News, but to also be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.  Make a request for your need or join in as we serve the community!


Local Outreach

Alix Crittenden

Alix was life-flighted down to Salt Lake on January 14 after she had a seizure, which led to the doctors finding a mass in her brain. They formulated a plan to get her to SLC quickly to receive the best care. 

Alix and Sam are the first to drop what they do to help others. So I hope we can all help them in their time of crisis. Alix is the strongest person I know and is ready to take on what comes at her. Let's all rally behind her and send all positive healing thoughts her way.

An auction is being run on Facebook and there is a Go Fund Me set up to help pay for medical expenses.

regional Outreach

Foundations For Nations is a a ministry dedicated to the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Indians on the Wind River Reservation. They provide a safe and positive environment for the Native youth, families, and community. They have a local church with weekly services and Bible studies and have outreaches to the community through our food pantry, sports camps, vbs, womens shelter and after school programs.

global outreach

Want to support the mission of Rescue One More to provide Ugandan children experiencing sexual violence with a pathway to safety, justice, and healing?  Do you have a vision to help bring end to sexual violence against children in Africa?  Consider a donation to Rescue One More and make that impact.

Do you know of a need in the community?

From firewood to financial assistance, please let us know how we can help serve those in need in our community.


Call:  Shari at 307-413-7645

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