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Unscheduled Minutes - Gratitude Day 16

**my apologies, I thought I had published this on Thursday, but noticed this morning that you all had not seen it. So you get a double dose today :)

I have a planner that I am religious about. I have time set aside each week to plan the week ahead. To write out what is on the calendar for the next week and to prepare for those meetings, tasks and deadlines. In my daily schedule, I spend coffee time with the Lord before diving into the day. But sometimes it gets cut into when I oversleep or am zombied from exhaustion.

There are so many things in my life that have "trained" me to take control of the 24 hours I have each day, to plan out every second. To have a plan A, B and Z. But then there are those days, where meetings fall through, appointments get rescheduled, or sickness prevails...those days where unscheduled minutes suddenly open...

Today I am gratful for the unscheduled minutes. Unscheduled opportunity to stay a little longer in my quiet time with the Lord. These unscheduled opportunities where I can serve others or just rest.

Do you run harried and haggered with every minute planned? Can you think of a time where your schedule opened and you had some unscheduled minutes that turned into a blessing from above?

Think on these moments of unscheduled minutes and thank God for creating an unplanned opening in the day, giving rest and blessing.

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