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Order - Gratitude Day 20

As I prepared for the day, I realized my list kept getting bigger and bigger. I would only be at work one day this week and had to get all the things done before I left town for the remainder of the week. As I drove to town in the early morning sun, I became overwhelmed by the weight of it all. So, I whispered a prayer that God order my day that I can get the necessary tasks completed.

The day unfolded and time became available as each task was completed and before I laid my head to rest that evening, the items were all completed.

God is a God of order. He brought order to a place of chaos in the creation story- slowly, carefully and meticulously, He created the way this earth functions; the land, water, sun, moon and stars, not to mention the creatures of the earth and sea. He carefully knit us together in our mothers womb. Secretly weaving together our intricate bodies so that each functions in the same way...helping us troubleshoot and develop prescriptions when something isn't quite right.

Today I am grateful for order. When I consider the chaos that could (and sometimea does) surround me, I become more grateful for a God that puts things in order for me (and you) to thrive. Thank God for order today and praise His infinite wisdom for the way He orders each and every day.

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