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Abundance - Gratitude Day 4

I woke up today with this song in my head. It is a song that sings of the abundance provided by the Lord. We serve, adore, praise, exalt, worship, and love a Creator God that doesn’t withhold any good from us (Psalm 84:11) and is the provider of every good thing (James 1:17). He is a God that, when He speaks, His Word does not come back void (Isaiah 55:11). He is a God that knows every hair on our heads (Luke 12:7) and He is a God that calls us His (Isaiah 43:1-3). He is a God that loves us so much that He sends His one and only Son to save the world, that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life (John 3:16). He is a God so abundant, He provides more than we ever need (Matthew 7:11).

Today I am grateful for the abundance found only in the Lord.

My heart bursts because of the abundance He has provided in my life. He took the hard times, the trying times, the times where flames burned abundant in my life and left nothing but ashes. And in the ashes He started growing a faith that continues to be well nourished and watered by His word, relationships established in Christ, and experiencing His abundance through the Holy Spirit in everything. Even in the darkest moments, I remain satisfied in His grace and mercy.

Can you think of all the times where God has shown up, bigger than expected? With more than you dreamed of? Take some time to consider these things and sing a song of praise to Him, send Him a prayer of thanksgiving today. Spend some time today worshipping the God of “more”.

Enjoy this song, "More" by Brandon Lake and Benjamin William Hastings. May it get stuck in your head too :)

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