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Solitude - Gratitude Day 21

I have always appreciated time with friends or other people in general. And the Bible does tell us how important community is too. But I also have an appreciation and sincere need for solitude; whether it be on a hike alone or in the morning having coffee before the day starts to bustle with busy. Solitude is a staple in my lifestyle.

I can apprecitate the story of Moses, going up on the mountain by himself to meet with the Lord. Or the story of David and how, in solitude as a shepherd, he learned how to take out the lions and bears that preyed upon the sheep. Jesus, in fact, would frequently depart from the twelve to seek and hear from the Father.

Today I am thankful for solitude. For those soul-refreshing moments of silence.

Are you able to find a few moments of silence and solitude in your days? Do you find its refreshing? Perhaps if you haven’t found time to stow away in your day to just be silent, you can schedule in 15 minutes to sit and talk with the Lord. He is a good good Father and loves to be with you in the hustle, but also loves to be with you in the solitude.

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