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Remember and Rejoice

Twice a year I am intentional to set aside time to celebrate the life of our daughter, Tessa; once on August 27 (to remember her coming into our lives) and again on February 4 (to remember her joining Jesus in eternity). I have always cursed cell phones, but on days like today, I am grateful for their ability to capture moments to clearly, so I don't have to rely on my own memory for the details. Oh, to recall her laughter, her joy, her touch, her tenderness, her tenacity, her smile. With these memories, I also recall the countless hospital visits and sleepless nights, lying awake at night wondering if she was going to leave us quietly in the night or if she would let us tell her goodbye. My memories hold a bittersweet taste in my mouth, but I wash it all down with her favorite...cupcakes.

As I spent time this morning with the Lord, He reminded me that it is so important to remember. He brought to my attention that He set aside 7 feasts for Israel to celebrate, to remember all that God had delivered them from and provided for them. These moments were intentional; time set aside to snuggle up to the Lord, to rejoice with Him, to celebrate His faithfulness. Moments that were intended to invoke gratitude in the hearts of all who come near and who call on our God.

While there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my sweet daughter, there is also not a day that goes by where I don't thank God for every moment - every fruit of her being present on this earth - every opportunity where I can recall His faithfulness in her life, in my life. This momma's heart remembers.

Daily time spent with the Lord continues to heal my heart over time and daily recollections of Tessa bring me so much joy and gratitude. She impacted the hearts of many here on earth and I trust that she led many to know the infinite love of God, without saying a word.

Have you had to say goodbye to someone dear? I encourage you to be intentional to celebrate their lives, not to dwell on the loss, but to celebrate the life they lived, giving thanks to the Lord for the gift of that person's life, and all the fruit that came of it as a result of their existence.

In the words of my sister, Kindra, "rejoice", brothers and sisters. Rejoice "because of our hope of eternity with them. We are one day closer."

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