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Using Your Passion to be Awestruck

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Here is an amazing fact for you! According to Royal Botanical Gardens, there are over 11,313 recorded grass species in the world: 270 unique grass species alone, in Wyoming alone. As you may know God has given me a passion for Wyoming’s rangelands; their ecology and management. I have spent over 15 years learning about plant ecology and can identify many of Wyoming’s native plant species, tell you about their growing cycle, and how they will react to grazing at different times of year. Each plant in our ecosystem is so unique in its physical characteristics! I wish I had more time to tell you about all of them!

What a privilege I have that God instilled this passion in me at a young age, so I could become proficient in rangeland management. What an honor to be able to share the unique characteristics of our plant communities and their responses to a variety of disturbances with folks that utilize our lands for oil & gas, grazing, and recreation. You see, I didn’t just say one day, “I think I will learn about plants for the rest of my life”. God instilled in my gut (around 7th grade) a passion for the unique soil and vegetation characteristics of our lands. He provided me with opportunities to see those unique characteristics under a magnifying glass…he provided numerous seasonal jobs and an advanced education from scholarly folks, who all had a part in molding my clay-like soul, into a passionate and knowledgeable rangeland manager.

Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love talks about being “awestruck” of God’s amazing, vast love and passion for us…You and I. He created so much diversity in this world for our pleasures.

There is diversity in EVERYTHING! I was meditating on this thought the other day on my drive home from work. As I mediated, it became apparent to me that God gives us our passions, so we learn more about the remarkable, astounding world that he created. And then, not only does He want us to physically see His creation, He wants for it to cause us to be awestruck, in complete adoration of Him and things that we simply cannot re-create. And don’t stop there…this adoration then has the potential to catapult us into intense worship and SHARING of God’s incredible creation with others, so they can also see the great intensity of God’s love and awesomeness.

Webster’s dictionary defines passion as a “strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something”. Do you have a passion? Do you regularly share with others the awesomeness of God in your passion?

If you haven’t really found your passion, your niche; I would encourage you to ask God to reveal it to you and to use you to show others His ultimate glory in that passion. It could be something as simple as knitting-noticing the intricate detail of the web you spin; the accuracy of every detail in your fingers and wrists to be able to generate such beautiful and warm blankets, scarves, mittens, and hats for people in need. We each are blessed with a passion or gift to bring blessings on others. We are also called to be witnesses of what God reveals to each of us. Know it; stand on it; and speak loudly of it. May you find your passion and share it with others as a witness to glorify our Marvelous Father.

Please feel free to share your stories in the comments for the purpose of edifying the church. Paul says that this is important for the encouragement of your brothers and sisters. I can't wait to hear each of your stories about how God used you and the passions He gifted you, to share Him with others!

Boundless Father,

You amaze us with the intricate details of your creation. We are awestruck at your creativity. You have thought of EVERYTHING! Thank you for the passions gifted to each of us. Reveal to us the purpose of our passion; reveal the variation and unique characteristics of each moment in our days that we may be able share these with others. Use us, Lord, to further Your ultimate purpose here on earth, that we may bring others to You through our passions and gifts. Open our eyes, our ears and our hearts. Lord, we are on our knees in awe of Your divinity. In Jesus Name, Amen.

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. - Psalm 20:4

Now get up and stand on your feet. I have appeared to you to appoint you as a servant and as a witness of what you have seen and will see of me. - Acts 26:16

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