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Road Trips - Gratitude Day 10

I have loved road trips my entire life. As a child, we never flew anywhere, we drove instead. So much happened between the travelers within the confines of the vehicle. From singalongs of favorite playlists to heated discussions; from laughter to deep and moving conversations. Relationships were impacted every time. Even solo road trips, where I have gotten real honest with myself, resulted in some level of change.

As I was on my road trip this morning, the Lord brought the story to mind about Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, where the Ethiopian was on a road trip, headed back home from worship in Jerusalem. The Lord sent Philip to meet this man and when Philip found him, the Ethiopian was reading out of the book of Isaiah. At this point, "Philip opened his mouth, and beginning with this Scripture he told him the good news about Jesus" (Acts 8:35), resulting in the eunuch being baptised!

This morning as I drove, the Lord helped me sort out a moment that happened this week that had confounded me and left me a bit of a mess in my head. The result of hashing it out with Jesus on the road trip was my own repentance and His forgiveness as well as a mix of humility and gratitude...fully understanding that He is God and I am not.

Today I am thankful for road trips, solo and with others in the car. I am thankful that God finds a way to speak to us no matter where we are. That He finds a way to convict us, bringing us to a place of knowing only He is God and we are not. That when we ask the Lord to enter into our lives, He shows up. Whether in the middle of the desert in a carriage or on an interstate going 90 mph in the speed gerbil.

When was the last road trip you were on and who were you with? What were the conversations and the result of them? Thank God for the times He has intervened and changed your mind about something or brought you into someones life that impacted them forever. Road trips are great, but the way the Lord works is infintely greater.

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