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Teachers - Gratitude Day 9

This morning my son and I went to town a little early and were able to troubleshoot a handful of outstanding items for one of his classes before school. In order to do this, we had to talk with the teacher. Although it was an unexpected visit, this teacher was immediately avaliable and willing to answer any of my questions and was willing to address our needs. It was a good (and necessary) interaction and we all came out of the conversation a little further ahead.

Jesus was a good, good teacher. The man was willing to teach those who approached Him with each of their curiosities. He taught with parables, and though sometimes hard to understand, they spoke right into the hearts of those who were truly listening. He freely gave timeless wisdom to all with ears to hear.

I thank God for good teachers today. Teachers that take the time to address the needs of an audience eager to learn.

Today, I encourage you to think about the teachers in your life and all the wisdom and knowledge they have imparted to you. Especially the greatest Teacher, our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God today for the teachers in your life.

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1 Comment

Dancy Tolson
Dancy Tolson
Nov 09, 2023

A huge shout out of gratitude for our very own amazing Bondurant Elementary school teacher, Miss Unruh. thank you Karin for pouring into our kiddos.

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