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Salt - Gratitude Day 6

I specialize in soil-plant relationships and one thing that Sublette County landscapes will teach you right away is that the types of plants that grow in certain places is mostly due to soil characteristics. Our geology has a lot of salt in it. As these rocks break down, they create a soil that is naturally infused with salt. The plants that grow in salty soils look and function vastly different than soils that are without salt. The plants that grow in these soils love salt, and they themselves take up salt via water and become salty themselves.

I love this picture God gives us in nature. Not only does He call us to be light (Gratitude Day 5), but He calls us to be salt (Matthew 5:13-16). Just as the plants become salty because they are rooted in the soil, we become salty when we are rooted in Christ. Just as the plants take up salt through water, we take up salt through the Word and our relationship with God. In addition, not only do plants take up the salt, but some plants actually release salt onto the surface of the ground. The more closely we abide with Christ, the saltier we become...the saltier we become, the more we add flavor to the world around us.

Today I am grateful for salt and the way it preserves us as a community set apart...a community called out to bring flavor into a world that lacks it. How do we "be salty"? We let every conversation be full of grace (Col 4:6), we live at peace with one another (Mark 9:50). We bring out the best in others, enhancing friendships.

Consider ways that you can bring flavor to the world around you and thank the Lord that He is your source of salt...and stay salty.

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