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Freedom - Gratitude Day 12

Sometimes it is hard to wrap my head around the true blessing that freedom is. My father and grandfather have seen war and I know many that have served in foreign lands. Now, as a child, I grew up without war in my home country and so I don't know or understand the hardship, the fear, the things that happen in a land torn by war. So many have paid the price, the cost of their life, fighting for freedom...fighting for the freedom of others in lands far from the USA.

This is amazing to me. To lay down one's life for another. Warriors know the bravery necessary to enter into battle without knowing the outcome ahead of time. Yet they still enter in with the hope of freedom, not oppression, on the other side. God bless those who are up to this task.

While we fight wars on earth, I am so grateful for the ultimate warrior, my Lord Jesus Christ, who fights the heavenly wars. Who knew the love and sacrifice that was required that we all may have the opportunity to experience freedom to its fullest. Free from the chains of sin and bondage. In Him, the ultimate reward of freedom comes with the bonus of righteousness before God.

Today I am grateful not only for the men and women who serve around the world for the goal of freedom, but for those who do it from a pure heart. A heart that understands that ultimate freedom is found in Christ. And I am thankful for Christ, the ultimate warrior.

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